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The one stop I.T solutions provider for Business & Home User

A few things we are great at

We are an I.T Support company based in Alconbury Weald, offering everything from Computer and Network Support, I.T Procurement, Infrastructure Design, Website Design, Hosting and Data Recovery, Backup Solutions. We support both Businesses and Home Users.
We also offer Remote Support to quickly get you up and running again.

data recovery

Our team can help with Data Recovery & Backup Solutions for your personal computer, or businesses. This is a Rapid Response service or remote.

broadband set up

We can assist with Broadband Set Up, Protection and even installing the correct Anti-Virus software to protect your systems.

help & advice

We offer remote support, telephone assistance or, we offer a Rapid Response service for issues that need on site assistance immediately.

system rebuilds

Our friendly team can help with system rebuilds, hardware and software support & upgrades and even maintenance contracts.

The computer industry requires a great deal of experience.

Installing new systems and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our business. We are able to handle all of your computer needs.

What else do we offer?

Managed I.T Services Customised for your Business

Managed I.T Services

Managed Servers

Managed Networks

Managed I.T Support

Managed Cloud Services

Hosted Servers

Hosted 365

Office 365

Bespoke Configurations and setups.

We are a friendly and helpful team with Evening and Weekend calls available, pre-payment and monthly terms also available.


We offer a rapid response service, or can support you remotely.

We provide services for areas such as: Huntingdon, Peterborough, Cambridge,
St. Ives, St. Neots, Buckden, Brampton, and Alconbury.
If you are out of the area, please get in touch and we can assist you remotely.

Useful Technical Tips

Complicated issues can easily be resolved!

Q: Can you help remove a virus or spyware (Malware) from my computer?

A:  Call 01480 896704 or 07979 348020 and speak to a GET TO I.T Engineer. We will help you find out what is causing the problem and come up with an answer or arrange a visit to correct your problem.

Q: What is spyware?

A: Spyware is often a component of a software application that you intentionally installed. This is especially true of free software downloaded from the internet. Spyware can also be part of a computer virus unleashed by an unsuspecting user, even though you may remove the virus or fix the problems it caused, the spyware sometimes remains on the computer, collecting data and reporting back to parties interested in stealing information.

Q: How do I know if I have a virus or spyware?

A:  If you have spyware on your PC, it will certainly cause your internet connection to dramatically slow down. Another symptom is those annoying pop-up windows. If left untreated, spyware could begin to crash your computer and even lead to identity theft. To find out if you have a virus or spyware, just run an anti-spyware and an antivirus scan on your computer.

Q: How can I get The GET TO I.T Engineer to help me?

A:  Simply call 01480 896704 or 07979 348020 and speak to a GET TO I.T Engineer. They will help you find out what is causing the problem and produce an answer.